Richard's View Stable
Brian Cole and Chris Scharff-Cole (613) 401-1339

     Richard’s View Stable offers Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, through this wonerdful horse/human partnership.

     Our progam provides a variety of individual, group and clinic intervention programs for Military Personnel, as well as Youth and Adult Victims of Trauma diagnosed or exhibiting symptoms of  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

     Chris, a certified therapist, specialised in the field of Trauma, for some 25yrs in the more traditional forms of therapy OEquine Intervention Techniques however have now  proven to have statistically far superior long-term benefits within this Trauma Population.  Chris along with Brian, and his lifetime of horse experience in natural horsemanship, believe that people living with traumatic injuries deal with fear on a daily basis; fear of triggers, fear of pain, fear of the unknown.  We choose to take that fear and work with it ~ F.E.A.R: Face Everything and Recover.

     The therapeutic goals in Equine Psychotherapy (EP) are the same as trauma work in more traditional forms of talk therapy. The goals encompass stabilization, self-regulation, processing the original event, and recognizing and altering maladaptive patterns of behaviour. In our program these goals are addressed in a neutral environment outside the office, which is less threatening to the client.  Traditional therapy tends to focus on verbal engagement with a therapist, which can often leave clients feeling pressured into recounting the original traumas, prematurely as imperative to understanding presenting aberrant behaviors. We recognize that this can often cause greater harm to therapeutic resolution.

     While it may be necessary, at some point in Equine Intervention, to process the individual’s original traumatic events, with the utilization of animals as mediums, the client begins to take control of this process and to a far more effective healing outcome. This non directive resolution of core traumas, experienced in various engagements through ground work or mounted exercises with their equine buddy is the critical aspect of its success.